RE: Do y’all remember the award-winning news documentary “Seattle is dying?”

Your take on the lives and social mores of the elites vs the “others” is compelling. I agree that standards haven’t changed much, but the holding of others to the same societal standards is in another universe, let alone world. That may be the single biggest factor [i]literally[/i] breaking down society.

If you got through the first 20 minutes of the new documentary, it might be tempting to wonder if the editing is skewed towards presenting the worst images to bolster an argument. I have an advantage here, since I am traditionally in Seattle on business a couple of times a year.  The increase in human feces, proned out bodies tripping balls on opiates, and overt criminality in the U-district is astounding in just the last 5 years. It really is becoming world-city unsafe, in terms of the latter issue.

There is a tent city next to the Northbound on ramp from the U-district to I5 that is really something else—dozens of tents on the hill off to the side, with people pissing and crapping in the open in the adjacent streets, and wandering the intersections. The squatters, homeless, and hangers-on *literally* come out of the woodwork whenever the light changes to green, and drift out onto the ramp in front of the merging cars. My local guy there told me to wait 5-10 seconds when the I5 N light turned and to take it easy, because people would try to jump in front of the car. Sure as shit, each time I took that Northbound on ramp, the light would change, I’d creep out through the intersection, and all these skells would appear out of the trees at the side of the road, like magic, and wander around the onramp. I got pretty good at threading the rental Nissan Altima through the bodies and then hammering it to make the freeway merger onto I5. It’s a slice of Russian dash cam insurance lottery mining, right here in the good old PacNW.  Or, more sadly, maybe they just no longer give a shit about their lives. Either way, it’s an experience—the likes of which I have not seen anywhere else, including 3rd-world travel.


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