RE: Covid origin

This week, the lab leak hypothesis appears to have gone from “debunked / racist / hoax” to being generally understood to be the most likely explanation. 

Which brings three thoughts:

  1. Whatever you want to call the “invisible force” that led so many to jump on to the “debunked / racist / hoax” bandwagon is still there, and has been there all along. Rational observers will treat every single other statement from supposedly disinterested public officials accordingly. Which is to say, they have completely burned their credibility.
  2. Tom Cotton was on this over a year ago. He wasn’t saying “lab leak, for sure”. He was saying “lab leak is a possibility that need to be investigated”. Every single national media outlet excoriated him over that. He is owed an apology. He won’t get one.
  3. Much of this could be cleared up if the Chinese were to release the relevant records. It is beyond bizarre to me that we (meaning the governments of the West) just accept as a given that the Chinese are not going to do so. Seems to me we should be putting maximum pressure on them.

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