RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

Again, I agree with your comments, El J. The fact that Trump is gone does *nothing* to change the underlying issues that caused his presidency in the first place.  I like how they lump the libertarians in with bigots and fascists—that’s some good psyop, right there.

In other news, a fun exercise for today’s class is to google for the text of some of Biden’s EOs from day 1. I was particularly interested in the text of his reversal of “Trump’s muslim ban.” 

I found that Google won’t help you. Google will only provide links to a never-ending cavalcade of news stories talking about the EO with the same language. So I did it the hard way, by going to, and scrolling through their postings until I found it. At that point, a quick read showed that the reversal part simply refers to the 2017 Trump EO by number—which *can* be brought up via google, since there is a wiki page on it, and wikipedia is still part of the cool kid collective. 

At last, I see what horrific racism it is that Biden reversed. Well, actually, what he reversed was entry restrictions from a list of failed states that was originally compiled under the Obama admin; it was never “Trump’s list” of countries, it was Obama’s. So Biden should know damn well why the countries are on it. But back to the racist math on this, here’s the exec summary:

Trump’s restrictions on US entry for passport holders from seven Muslim-majority [sic] countries:

all nationals of North Korea and Syria; by nationals of Iran except on student or exchange visitor visas; by nationals of Libya and Yemen on immigrant, tourist or business visas; by nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria and Somalia on immigrant visas; by nationals of Sudan and Tanzania on diversity visas; and by some government officials of Venezuela on tourist or business visas. Exceptions to the ban existed in limited circumstances.

Pretty easy to see what’s going on there. Venezuelan gov’t (but nobody else from VZ)? ALL PRNK and Syria? Iran, but students exempted? Libya and Yemen general visas, but not diplomatic? Etc. etc.  

The reason for Trump’s “bans” are the same reason for the countries being on the Obama Admin’s list in the first place: failure or wholesale corruption of parts or all of the state apparatus that issues the visas. It’s impossible to vet people from failed states properly. Well, not [i]impossible[/i], but it does require 1-to-1 on ground personnel doing the vetting, as in, one of ours, fluent in language and customs, on the ground, private investigator style, at 1k-1,800 per day to hunt down who an individual is. Kids from Yemen or Somalia may not even have birth records, let alone credit scores, home mailing addresses, employment histories, and tik-tok accounts. Biden knows—or at least, knew—this.

It’s not “racist” against muslims, unless one is willing to stretch the definition to include citizens of the PRNK, or members of the current Venezuelan controlling state; rather, it’s a security measure to make sure we don’t have another Boston bombing, or a Mumbai mall here. Hell, the none of the biggest majority muslim countries are on the list. #clue

Biden knows this. He’s trading duty for optics, with the complete backing of both legacy media and big tech. 

JMO, but I’ve got some evidence weighing on my opinion.

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