RE: A slew of Covid charts

In the meantime, I’m still here. In Virginia. Still going to work. Haven’t missed a paycheck. Wife hasn’t either. Haven’t been tested but every day when I go to the office I have to fill out a form that says in about 15 questions, “You don’t feel sick do you?”. Hell, I’m almost 60. When was the last time I was feeling like I was 20? I’d guess 40 years ago. The couple of times I’ve had to get my temperature checked, I pass. The people around me that have had it are generally 80 and they eventually recover, maybe after some hospital time. I’ve been in an emergency room. No COVID checks there (the only checks available here seem to be the sticking a long Q-tip up your nose until your brain cavitates. No thanks.) We’ve been told by HR that there have been 2 people that have been told to stay home because they might have COVID. Don’t know who they are. Don’t know if they’re back at work.

Meanwhile, business-wise we’re busier than shit as a designated “essential business” by Governor Ralphie Blackface.

One of my kids lives over the line in West Virginia. For a time there was a flashing sign on the freeway telling us to stay out of the state because COVID. Took the third visit to my kids place (and the Home Depot up in Ranson) before I noticed.

Everyone in the family is working. Future SIL started driving a semi a couple weeks ago. My son has been flirting with trial stints in Federal computer contractor work. Wife still works from home. Been into the office exactly twice since March for computer issues. No sign that anyone that’s a Fed is in any hurry to ever start going back to the office.

I’ve got quite the collection of the little high polluting paper-like masks. Grab a couple more every time I go into a place like WalMart that’s handing them out. I like to wear one until it’s pretty worn with holes in the inner mesh. Makes it easier to breath without fogging my glasses. Then I wear the shit out of it until it breaks and I throw it away. I figure I have enough to last until 2025 at least.

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. The DMV graph. Been into the Home Depot in Hagerstown, too (new roof, fence repairs, HVAC repairs, new windows throughout, bathroom remodels, etc.). Is it at all surprising that those graphs don’t scare me at all?

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