RE: A Note on Membership Here

Beautiful. It’s perfect.  Love that art deco look.  

Art, btw, would be worthy of a whole thread or section at some point: (I often wonder why some people can draw and some can’t. And why some people can draw with originality and some can “only” draw mechanically, like those guys that used to draw pictures of a new rifle or something with super precision and send it to the patent office. Is it linked to intelligence, etc?  Do they have to go through an apprenticeship?  

I’ll reach out again to my allies. I suspect they will all at least check us out, and hopefully one or two will join. I can’t remember if you have an “Introduce Yourself” page.  That would be good at some point.   And I’d like some coffee, and ….

I think you must have added an edit function, because I was able to correct one of my messages this morning. 

I appreciate you.



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