RE: A few random observations

The only random observation I can comment knowingly on is your effort to print thank you cards. Takes me back to when my wife and I were doing music. At that time everything was pushing to be virtual. Put your songs out for streaming. No need for CDs. And why the heck carry that stuff around anyways.

But we always found that the best advertising you could have is to have a CD available for sale. People would come out and hear you and would invariably inquire about a CD. No mailing list or cutesy download card could pull back the essence of an enjoyable evening with friends and family on a deck somewhere overlooking the mountains like an actual (possibly signed) CD of music. It makes the experience of the music like 5D which can bring it back to you down to the bouquet of the various wines or the visceral smokiness of a locally sourced cheese (and the hilarity of a dozen half sloshed friends).

True, maybe nobody in Oklahoma will know who you are. But on that small scale, people in Oklahoma aren’t paying you.

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