RE: A few random observations

It is somewhat remarkable.

Meaning the willful memory-hole that the last four years just fell into.

My perspective is that from the moment Trump won in 2016, we saw unprecedented protests. Those protests enjoyed the implicit (and frequently explicit) support of prominent national D’s, and were clearly funded/supported by prominent interest groups.

His election was denounced as “illegitimate” based on “Russian hacking” and all the rest. They ran that train all the way over the impeachment cliff.

All of which is to say, I’m not surprised that Trump partisans are giving all that back, just as good as they received it. 

But the short term stuff will fade.


The Trump people on the ground should just declare a “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”.


Ammo wise, I’m reasonably well provisioned at the moment. The “big three” for me are 223, 00 12 ga, and 45ACP. I have more than enough for any reasonable (and most unreasonable) scenarios. What I don’t have is enough to burn a bunch on the range. Target/tactical practice is going to be scarce this year.

The stuff I’m really short on is the 22LR. My 1000 round order just showed up, which replenishes me from zero, but that stuff is for plinking sessions with the grandsons, and those burn through rounds like crazy.


The main thing that annoys me is the fact that the time I expected to spend banging the gong on the 600 yard range at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club this year with the precision rifle I was wanting to get looks like it’s not happening.


On the Caesar quote, I realized a few years ago that for most of my life, I misunderstood it.

To me, “the die is cast” meant something like “the die used to cast the metal part is set, and therefore the shape of the resulting part is inevitable”.

It wasn’t until relatively recently that I realized it had to do with a throwing a die, having been put into motion, was going to produce whatever number it was going to produce, and while the result remains unknown, the outcome is already inevitable.

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